About My Hospital Sitter

My Hospital Sitter is a Christian-based, non-medical company that was founded in 2011 and got its start by identifying the toll that hospitalization takes on both the patient and family members. We have made a name for ourselves in Houston and throughout Texas by providing the much-needed service of helping families in their immediate time of need.

Our goal is to help patients and caregivers with respite needs in any way we can while they are in a hospital or other short-term medical facility. Suzanne Jones Senegal is our founder and she has a unique, firsthand knowledge of the importance of reliable and trustworthy caregiver help because both of her parents went through a series of medical situations and facility stays. After 10+ years of helping her parents in hospitals and other medical facilities, she knew what she had to do: help others in similar situations.

Benefits of a Hospital Sitter

  • Original caregiver, often a family member, does not have to miss work or other important events/meetings
  • The patient is not left alone. We sit with the patient while the family is away—companionship is constant (we document what took place while you were away)
  • Caregiver can rest and return to the patient refreshed
  • If having an outpatient procedure or surgery, we can help keep company while in recovery
  • We may be able to run important personal errands for you and the patient
  • We provide an extra pair of hands when needed
  • Most times, we can start service within 24 hours
  • We customize the sitter schedule to the exact hours or shift you need the most
  • Spanish speaking sitters available

To learn more about our services and how we can help you through the challenges of having a hospitalized loved one, call My Hospital Sitter at (866) 748-8379.

“I witnessed the incredibly detailed care that Houston Hospital Sitters gave to our aunt! They were a comfort during a trying time. We really appreciated the way our aunt was assisted, with even the smallest of things, in our absence.”

Ursula M. and Karen M.
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