There When You Need It

Posted on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017    

Oftentimes, we go along the road of life happily. Everything is going just fine. However, it is nice to know help is there when you need it.  We don’t need a tow truck until our vehicle stops.  We don’t need a new tire very often, most times, until we have a flat.  We don’t need the dentist, but typically twice a year, unless we start having issues with tooth ache.  So, you get my point.  Until we need help, we do not need it or even think about it.  We go along with our lives, until a situation occurs. Help can come in many forms.  If you recognize that you can’t do it all by yourself and you need a little help, it’s really okay.  That’s called being human!  We just have to reach out a little.  Do some asking around or research and help is available.  It’s nice to know that reliable help is there when you need it.

“I witnessed the incredibly detailed care that Houston Hospital Sitters gave to our aunt! They were a comfort during a trying time. We really appreciated the way our aunt was assisted, with even the smallest of things, in our absence.”

Ursula M. and Karen M.
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