Taking Pride

Posted on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017    

If you’ve ever been in a hospital, nursing home, rehabilitation facility or even a doctor’s office, you can see plainly when a person takes pride in their job.  You can almost feel it.  It’s too bad that it may come as a surprise to see this, because the norm tends to be mediocrity.  When a basketball player is introduced at the beginning of a game, his or her fans encourage/cheer for them.  The same is true in other sports.  These athletes are heroes to some.  The same could be said for nurses, doctors, physical therapists and yes, even caregivers.  Whether it’s a family member, an acquaintance or healthcare industry personnel, each takes pride in what they do; all for different reasons, of course.  Encourage the next person you come into contact with.  If they are doing a fantastic job, in your opinion, or not so fantastic; encouragement/cheering goes a long way.  The person may thank you right on the spot or they may be too busy to fully acknowledge what you are saying at the time.  However, later, they may really think about it and be encouraged, thus taking more continued or renewed pride in the job that they love to do every day, which ultimately is to positively impact another life.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if you received applause and cheering when you walked onto your job daily?

“I witnessed the incredibly detailed care that Houston Hospital Sitters gave to our aunt! They were a comfort during a trying time. We really appreciated the way our aunt was assisted, with even the smallest of things, in our absence.”

Ursula M. and Karen M.
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