Managing the day

Posted on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017    

When we manage the day, we can feel accomplished.  Sure, we have a laundry list of important meetings, forms to complete, kids to feed, homes to clean, cars to maintain, and then there’s the upkeep of ourselves.  Taking on tasks one day at a time, is more manageable and we can really get things done, without feeling completely stressed out.  Start right where you are, with the things you need to do within the next few hours.  It’s a way to just “do it”.  Once we start, usually we find that it wasn’t so hard after all or even if it was hard, we were “capable” of doing what needed to be done.  Start small, then work in a way that makes sense to you.  No two people do things exactly alike.  Taking ideas from others and tweaking them to fit us, is no crime!  Good luck and just start right where you are.  You are capable!

“I witnessed the incredibly detailed care that Houston Hospital Sitters gave to our aunt! They were a comfort during a trying time. We really appreciated the way our aunt was assisted, with even the smallest of things, in our absence.”

Ursula M. and Karen M.
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